our good loooordies this uk tour has been one to write home about. dalston roof, itch fm, tunny wells forum, nozstock festival…. just goes on and on and on. fun and frenzy in immeasurable amounts. blessed were ones that were there, and blessed were we too for there being.

can’t wait for the next round of on-road adventure. until then, it’s back to the lab to finish our next album and get shizz tighter than a tightrope walker’s tights. you WILL be hearing from us hehe.

eternal gratitude for the whole thing go to: natty x1000, dan tsu; seb, emma, sory and the le barbylon restaurant massive, jason doorman at the forum, skandouz and tomfoolery beats at, chris peters at ibmcs, isaac and his amazing mum caroline, ben peer at nozstock and alana, and kai the guy, kiki and the whole not-snowhill gang. we love you all eternally.

CC tour15 collage

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Posted by on July 28, 2015