more july uk dates

yes yes dear friends and followers, we have a few more dates for those lucky enough to be in the south east of the UK in the second half of july, with more TBA soon hopefully.
first up is itch fm on the 18th, very hyped to meet skandouz and tom foolery on the connoisseur of hip hop show, check that out wherever you’re at.
then, on the 22nd, we return to a very special venue, the tunbridge wells forum in kent, to be followed the next day by a S.O.N dj set at the sussex arms, tunbridge wells.
then it’s straight on to nozstock festival which is just gonna be straight ridiculous.

and after that… we transform to a whole different fuggin dimension. and i’m not even JOKING. more on that soon.


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Posted by on June 2, 2015