busy busy

hello good people, we have been absent from the face of the earth for a while, for many very good reasons, and much has changed since we last spoke.

the biggest change is the addition of our new band member leigh lawson; engineer, producer, recording technician, multi-intrumentalist, front-of-house technician and general wizard on all musical fronts. he has recently moved here to 101 village to work with us full-time, and nothing has been the same since. we now have a full-on, top of the fucking range studio with everything we could possibly imagine in it and the mind to make it all happen. exciting times ahead.

at the moment the finishing touches are being put on to the album that we’re getting ready to release, and all hands are making beautiful bits and bobs to make you the most amazing set of videos to go with the luckiest of the tunes. so: hold on tight. very big things are about to happen.
as always, cryptolove


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Posted by on November 3, 2015