Ok so WOW we’ve been lazy at administering this site but yo you’ve gotta understand cos things have been BUSY! But now we’re back on the regular and so feel free to swing by on the ‘now’ section to see what’s new from the cryptodrome.
First of all we’ve just dropped our ninth video, this time directed by Friðrik Guðmundsson, in the very last minute of September (literally) and are thus still keeping to our video-a-month schedule! Check it in the watch section.
While on the topic of videos, two of ours were nominated in the ‘best music video’ category at the Northern Wave film festival which is taking place on the 21st-23rd October on Snæfellsnes, more details here. We’ll also be playing a short set on the 21st so come along and join the party, and get some fish food in your belly while you’re at it.
Also in the pipeline, but still very much in the pencilled-in stage, is a small tour of Berlin and London, where we’ll be playing multiple shows in both cities from the 24th November til the 4th of December or so, more on that as the time approaches. At the moment this info is still only on THIS PAGE so count yourselves lucky ::)
Oh and AIRWAVES! haha. They made the very wise move of choosing us to open the festival, so you can catch us at Húrra on Wednesday the 2nd November at 19:50. Full airwaves schedule is here.
PLUS we’ll be doing a warm-up Hallowe’en show on October 31st, headlining in Stúdentakjallarinn which is free of charge, so good news for everyone except us haha ::)
SO. Long story short: we’re back up on the website. Keep your ears to the ground, cos this is where it’ll be happening first.
Much love from the Cryptogang xxx

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Posted by on October 3, 2016